Getting To Know Gum Disease And Ways To Counter It

Gingivitis is a medical term that we end up getting to know in the course of our life whether we want to or not. Gum Disease is more common than most people think, and if you recognize it early and get it treated then it does not become a large issue. But if you get it frequently or you end up ignoring it, then you are doing something very bad when taking care of your teeth and will end up paying a lot of money to fix it in the end. The following descriptions will explain the different types/stages of gum disease and how to treat it properly.


Gingivitis is the initial phase of the gum disease where your gums end up hurting you. At this stage your gums will be very sensitive, will bleed easily and will be red, swollen and overall painful to look and feel.

Periodontal pockets

When the gum disease progresses from gingivitis to the next stage, periodontal pockets is when the gums peel off your teeth and end up having small pockets. These pockets form when the plaque ends up building below the gum line. If you reach the dental clinic at least by this time then you can save your teeth.


The last and most awful stage of gum disease where the bacteria ends up infecting your this phase the pockets in your Gus will start to get filled by blood and pus. Plaque, tartar and bacteria will end up infecting your gums and the bone structure of your mouth is also affected. Your teeth may end up getting loose and some will have to be removed during treatment by a dentist.

Causes of gum disease

Most common causes of developing this disease is mistreatment or bad caring of oral hygiene. Daily brushing followed by flossing and proper washing is required twice a day for your teeth to fight off bacteria that ends up sticking to them. Smoking, poor nutrition, excess sugar consumption, emotional stress and immune system related diseases are also causes.

Generally having good oral hygiene habits of brushing and flossing twice a day, eating crunchy foods like apples and carrots, eating healthy and reducing sugar intake needs to be incorporated to your daily rituals. Also chewing gum after having a meal (especially chewing gum with Xylitol) is good for preventing bacteria from sticking to your teeth and also for slowing the bacterial plaque buildup. Try to stay away from consuming too much starch, sugar, hydrogenated oils, and processed foods as they are bacteria growers.

The Necessity To Have A Clean Mouth

You might constantly ask yourself whether it’s important to have a mouth which is clean and if so how to get there. Having a clean mouth will prevent decay and it will also help you get rid of bad breath. If you happen to have bad breath it might make the others who are around you feel uncomfortable. While having a decayed tooth might lead to a situation where you might have to get it removed. Therefore, it’s important to have a healthy mouth which is also clean.

The first thing which you need to pay close attention to is your brushing technique. Before you are to start brushing you need to figure out the bristle strength which suits your gum. If you end up choosing the wrong bristle strength you might end up damaging your gum and it might even result in mouth bleeds. Therefore, you need to visit a dentist Redfern and get this looked at. Once the bristles are figure out you could shift your attention towards your brushing technique. It’s important to brushing using the right technique because this will ensure that you get rid of all the bacteria and the food particles which are stuck in-between.

If there is an instance where you have a decayed tooth you might want to visit the doctor and get it looked at immediately since it will help you save the tooth from being removed. Not getting it looked at immediately might result in tooth loss. If the tooth is beyond saving and needs replacement, you could look into dental implants so that it could be replaced. Discovering decay at an early stage will give you the possibility so save the tooth from being removed. Click here for more info on dental implants Sydney CBD.

It is said that food which is rich in sugar forms both phosphoric and citric acid. It’s know that these acids are harmful because they feed on the surface of the tooth. Therefore, by reducing the intake you could prevent these acid from forming. If you happen to be a smoker, you might want to stop smoking because it is also said that smoking gives you an unhealthy mouth. Therefore, if you happen to be a heavy smoker, gradually giving up on it would be the best mode to move forward. Smoking causes an environment which is ripe along your gum line and this leads to the decay of bones. Therefore, if you quit smoking you could prevent this from taking place. Having a healthy mouth will not only make you feel comfortable, it will also keep you away from diseases which are formed in the mouth.