Ways To Reduce Stress And Tension In The Body?

Stress is very common in the present day. The usual causes of stress are death of a special person, divorce, financial issues or illnesses but the most common cause of stress in most people is the work and family stresses. Stress is a mental, physical and emotional tension that the body goes through and causes harmful consequences as it worsens. Stress can affect the body physically and mentally and cause heart diseases, blood pressure and diabetes. These are some basic remedies for stress.

Deep Breathes

When a person feels the tension building he must stop what he is doing or thinking and take deep breathes. Properly inhaling and exhaling helps a person calm himself and relax. Deep breathing is a simple but effective tip for stressful times.


It is found that exercise is a great way to deal with stress especially for males. And the plus side is that it is healthy for the body. It is not necessary to do strenuous exercise but even a walk in the park or a simple workout routine at home will help greatly in improving oneself. AnĀ Osteopathy Ashgrove helps reduce stress by massaging and also includes simple exercises to reduce stress levels of a person.

Seek Professional Help or Talk to Friends

If you think you cannot handle the pressure reaching out to your family and friends is a great way to handle the stress. They could suggest ways to deal with it or even lend a ear which might improve your mental state greatly. You could also consult professionals or visit an osteopathy clinic Paddington to find treatments for stresses.


Meditation is spiritual healing for the mind and the body that makes a person feel at peace and gives the strength to handle tension. Meditation is simple as it involves a quiet place where a person can simply repeat encouraging mantras to himself and spend some alone time.

Avoid Caffeine and Smoking

Most people resort to caffeine or smoking to handle the difficult time they are going through. But caffeine and Smoking can cause problems to the heart and lungs which is an added burden on the body. Find other solutions for coffee and cigarette like tea which is half as unhealthy and also provides a soothing and flaming effect on the body and mind.

Enjoy and Take Things Slow

Do not let your work or problems get to you. Take some time off and enjoy the moment. Do not repeatedly think of the issues you are dealing with. Do things you love.