What Services Do Dental Clinics Provide?

Most people are afraid to go to see their nearest dental practitioner, even if it is just for a quick check-up of their teeth. Although this fear of dentists has become deeply ingrained in our minds due to how society views dentists in general, there is actually nothing to fear at all. Dentists are, after all, one of the most versatile medical practitioners out there, providing an enormous amount of services which concern with improving oral health and maintaining healthy teeth.

Here are just a few examples of what services you can expect from most dental clinics around the world. Sure, some may lack a few services, while others may offer even a few not on this list, but the bottom line is that you should see a dentist if you think you need help with fixing your teeth:


Anything that concerns the treatment of misaligned or wrongly positioned teeth in a person’s mouth falls under orthodontics. A licensed dental provider who specializes in orthodontics provides treatments only in this area, and in fact, there are clinics who exclusively provide orthodontics services. Teeth misalignment is treated by the use of braces or other metallic pieces which apply pressure in order to bring teeth to their desired positions. Treatment usually lasts at least for a few months, but it can extremely helpful to fix misaligned and crooked teeth.

Teeth Replacement

Replacement of natural teeth is done by means of installing dental implants, on top of which fake teeth are mounted, the latter being modeled to closely look and even feel like real teeth. There exist two types of implants, one for replacing just one or two missing teeth, while the other option is for those who wish to get all of their natural teeth replaced.

Teeth Whitening

A very common service that any cosmetic dentist will offer. Teeth discoloration occurs mostly due to dietary patterns, as some food substances will stain teeth as time passes by. Although this is not really a sign that you are not taking oral care seriously, discolored teeth still look ugly when viewed up close. Teeth whitening addresses this problem by restoring the natural whiteness of your teeth in just a few weeks’ time.

Periodontal Therapies

Teeth are not the only parts of your mouth that decay when not taken care of. Your gums are perhaps even more sensitive to infections and bacterial action, due to being consisted of soft tissues. If you experience pain, inflammation or bleeding in your gums, quickly go see a dentist that specializes in periodontal therapy. If not taken care of in the early days, gum infections can cause permanent loss of some of your teeth due to thinning of your gums.